Hydraulic Equipment and Tools

  • consisting of ;-
    Hydraulic pumps(Hand-, foot-, motor-, engine-, air-operated, Boosters)
  • Hydraulic cylinders(Single-, double-acting, center-hole, jacking, etc.)
  • Hydraulic valves(Directional, pressure, flow control, stacked, etc.)
  • Hydraulic accessories(Gauges, switches, branches, couplers, hoses,etc.)
  • Hydraulic tools(Torque wrenches, bolt tensioners, presses, pullers, etc.)
  • 200MPa series(Pumps, cylinders, valves, accessories)
  • 100MPa series(Pumps, hoses, couplers)
  • Aluminumseries (Hand-operated pumps, cylinders, spherical heads)


  • Removing or installing -
  • Pins, bushes, sprockets, bearings, gears, cylinder bushes, tubes, ship-propellers, fitting pieces, etc.
  • Straightening -
  • Shafts, doors, windows, frames of box construction, girders of all kinds, vehicle bodies, welded structures, conveying devices, and carts, steel and nonferrous bars, rods, etc.
  • Pressing, cutting and clamping -
  • Steel plates, bars and rods, cables, welded structures, machine tools, etc.
  • Mounting -
  • Heavy machine parts, gearings, heavy bolts, etc.
  • Bending -
  • Conduits and gas pipes, steel bars and rods, steel and nonferrous plates, etc.
  • Compressing -
  • Cable connectors and sleeves, terminals, sleeves for concrete reinforcing steel bars, fitting pieces, etc.
  • Testing (strength, pressure, tension, static pressure, fatigue, etc.)-
  • Steel structures, welded goods, plastics, rubbers, chains, tanks, vessels, tubes, valves, hoses, torsion bars, shock absorbers, etc.

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